Know that sharing an account with children could be just as hazardous and damaging to their psyche.Be cautious with your passwords, they can be used against you in ways you never expected and know that privacy on any electronic device is never foolproof.The purpose of the service is to connect the user’s devices so that the user can go back and forth from one device to another in real time and without having to save anything.

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If you are out running errands with your i Phone and your children are somewhere else using your i Pad, then messages that are received by your i Cloud account will be received by each of your devices.

Those messages could include pictures and messages you would not want anyone else to see Case after case has occurred where a spouse is able to catch their partner in an affair because of i Cloud and the family sharing feature.

While it may seem like a positive to be able to catch your spouse in the middle of an affair, there are ramifications if steps are not taken to separate your devices from the shared i Cloud.

Assume you are on the path to divorce and are emailing or texting confidential exchanges with your attorney.

Typically, this service would be helpful because the user could use any of their Apple devices to respond to a message.

The system breaks down when someone shares their Apple devices but keeps a single Apple account.Even if you have messaging apps like Whats App that you believe are private, they are not.Any photo shared on the app will automatically be downloaded to your photo roll as well as to Photo Stream on i Cloud.Even if an Ipad is left at home locked with a password , the messages can still be reviewed by anyone looking at the screen.i Cloud is a cloud computing service offered by Apple that synchronizes a user’s devices such as the user’s i Phone, i Pad, or Mac Book.And with the definition of online property being expanded, i Tunes libraries could very easily become a divorce issue.