In my own text, however, I will use 'player' and 'character' to indicate the two faces of participation in computer-mediated, text-based chats.In the following sections, I will discuss the organised ways in which one particular problem that chat-players have is dealt with.Finding a chat partner or chat partners is an interactive process between at least two parties.

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Chat players very often initiate a chat with a question like: "hi, a/s/l please?

", which asks the other party to self-identify in those terms, as, for instance "frits/m/amsterdam", if that fits the character the player wants to project.

These categories are organised in sets, called Membership Categorisation Devices (MCDs).

The MCD 'sex' (or 'gender'), for instance, consists of the two categories of 'male' and 'female'.

Where what happens is that the object is made at home in the world that has whatever organisation it already has. 2., 548-9)Chatting, or having a conversation, has long been a favourite activity for people.

It seemed so ordinary, if not to say trivial, that it has for almost equally long not been studied in any dedicated way. Inspired by Harold Garfinkel, the perspective chosen was a procedural one: they wanted to analyse how conversations are organised on the spot.

But with video-based research, as initiated by Charles Goodwin in the 1970s, one was later able to demonstrate that visual exchanges did play an essential role the actual organisation of face-to-face conduct.

When using telephone technology, people seemed to rely on a restricted set of the interactional procedures used in face-to-face settings.

Labelling a person as being male or female carries with it an enormous amount of implied properties, so called 'category-predicates', such as expectable or required behaviours, capacities, values, etc.

My overall thesis is that people who want to chat rely mostly on categorical predications to find suitable chat partners.

The technical apparatus is, then, being made at home with the rest of our world.