You can now collect a special coin at the end of every Beast Quest book you complete.

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“The snake tightened his grip and Tom let out a cry of pain as his ribs creaked.

It felt as if they were going to crumble at any moment.” Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all our readers!

When Elizabeth was two, Anne was beheaded for adultery on the orders of Henry, and Elizabeth was exiled from court.

Her childhood was difficult, although she received a thorough Protestant education.

Beast Quest and Top Trumps have teamed up and now the latest series of Beast Quest contains BEAST QUEST TOP TRUMPS collectors cards.

You can buy a full set of Beast Quest Top Trumps cards from the Top Trumps online shop.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. with proof of purchase and we will send you the missing cards. The latest series of Beast Quest has a brand new look!

The latest Beast Quest series, Velmal's Revenge is OUT NOW.

The November issue - 100% Beast Quest is out on the 27th November.

Packed full of prizes, puzzles and all things Beast Quest in this issue you will get a FREE Beast Quest stationary set, Haribo plus your very own Beast Quest coloured Loom Bands.

Thankfully, the whales in OUR world are not terrifying, like Rekka. Within reason, of course.” “I wish for is a long sleep on a comfortable mattress,” Elenna said. “I have a spare room in my house.” Tom turned to see a tall, thin woman with dark hair. On this Random Acts of Kindness Day, remember: the help you give someone else might just be the difference between that person’s success and failure. Malvel snarled, “What does it take to make you give up, boy?