I do the revers search now & again, lady looking for a guy and have to admit there is a lot of strange looking guys on here.

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I'm sure we all don't just use Fish and have or have thought about using paying web sites.

If you have a membership for any of these sites above your user & password will work for all of them.

He age of 515 ± 55 Ma for the Diamantina gold is corroborated by a new U/Pb age of 524 ± 16 Ma for rutile recovered from auriferous pockets.

These ages tie the Diamantina gold mineralization to the Brasiliano orogenic event, in the context of the Gondwana amalgamation.

More to the point, do you think a pay site is better than a free site?

No in the past pre Feb 2010 dating direct & match were different companies with different users unless the users were signed up to both sites.

I guess it is true that people who are really serious about finding someone will find more genuine one's on paid sites, but then saying that after forking out all that money it's not guaranteed you will find the 'one'.

I'm sure there must be some genuine people on here though? Just to restore your faith 'strictly-not-ballroom', there are plenty of genuine guys out there (I'd like to include myself in that category! And yes, I agree 'Mr_Optimistic', from the girls I've met on these dating sites, they do report to have a hard time (or is it just that fellas are more thick skinned? Lets face it, there are no guarantees in life, so there are no guarantees on dating sites (only marketing ploys).

Lets face it there are more guys than females looking and a lot of guys are dead beats from only what my female friends say.

So a small fee stops some of the losers from using the site or contacting others. personally I don't think POF is a bad for a free site.

Even free sites like POF make money, it's all about web traffic, adverts, etc.