If the opportunity is connected to a Sim's school, the reward may be increased school performance.

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Fulfilling a Sim's wish contributes to the Sim's Lifetime Happiness score, allowing players to purchase lifetime rewards for the cost of those Lifetime Happiness points.

The game includes an optional feature called "Story Progression" which allows all Sims in the neighborhood to autonomously continue free will without the player ever controlling those sims.

The Windows Phone version was made available on the Windows Phone Store on October 15, 2010.

A Nintendo 3DS version, released on March 27, 2011, was one of its launch titles.

It is most likely a programming bug that keeps the lot inaccessible.

It may also be that there wasn't space on the disc to include another lot, and 4 Sim Avenue was lazily removed from the game. A screenshot from an earlier build of the game shows a house on the 4 Sim Avenue lot.

Play the Sims includes six available lots to make houses on.

However, 4 Sim Avenue is not present and 7 Sim Avenue takes its place.

It is the sequel to the best-selling computer game, The Sims 2.

It was first announced that it was in development for Play Station 3 and Wii in November 2006, and later announced for OS X and Microsoft Windows.

When you invite them over, Jane functions like a regular Sim would.