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Moe talks John into making a date with Jordan Nash (Vanessa Ferlito), a sarcastic bisexual siren with whom John has just shared a steamy paid fantasy session.

And Moe hooks up with the mopey, pill-popping Moira Ingalls (Isabel Gillies), who demands an avowal of love during their first sexual encounter.

Weintrob; director of photography, Toshiaki Ozawa; edited by Stephanie Sterner; music by Roger Neill; production designer, Jory Adam; produced by Tanya Selvaratnam and Adam Brightman; released by Indican Pictures.

SINGAPORE - Are men here so desperate that they would strip for a complete stranger they have just met online? These men then pay lots of money to prevent their pictures from being posted online.

The narrator, John Roth (Josh Hamilton), is a nervous urban recluse with an uncomfortable resemblance to Anthony Perkins in ''Psycho'' (right down to the sunken, shifty eyes) who runs an erotic Web site called Intercon-X with his studly roommate and business partner, Moe Curley (Harold Perrineau).

When not connecting sexually frustrated people, John whiles away his hours pining over a pretty woman whose activities can be observed 24 hours a day on her own Webcam site.

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And despite the gasping pleasure that the characters experience while swapping fantasies, watching ''On Line'' is a dispiriting experience that leaves you with a nagging ''Is that all there is? Soft-core autoeroticism (no genitals are displayed) is about as compelling a screen spectacle as the sight of someone going to the bathroom.