The mixtape featured Evan Ross, French Montana, Snoop Dogg and Robin Thicke.

Riley Sky of Dropkick Divas Media gave the mixtape a grade of B-, saying "Now You Know accomplishes [the] mission" of "[selling] West Coast as an independent woman, its hip-hop-inspired vibe makes "Now You Know" fiercely individual".

He was like, “I would love for you to be the guy on my side and just talking about people all the time.” I hadn’t heard anything else about it for three months until he called me one day and said, “I’m sorry I’ve been so busy, but that show I want you to do…we start filming tomorrow.” I had never been on TV. I get an actual producing credit on the show as well.

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On September 17, 2013, it was announced that Fantasy Factory was renewed for a sixth season, The sixth season was originally announced to be the final season, but in June 2014, MTV announced that Fantasy Factory would return for a seventh season.

The seventh season premiered on January 1, 2015 and ended March 5, 2015.

The third single off the album, "Miles and Miles" was released on October 29, which features West Coast providing vocals for the first time.

In 2015, West Coast released a new song that was featured on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory called Bass In The Trunk.

She later became a main cast member on the series Ridiculousness, in which West Coast, along with Dyrdek and Sterling "Steelo" Brim, review online internet videos.

She later appeared in the Planet Hollywood song "PHAMOUS", collaborating with Midi Mafia on the project.

I don’t have a filter.” From his outrageous Twitter and Instagram antics, to his blunt commentary on Ridiculousness (some of which is so blatant, it often doesn’t even make it to the show), it becomes apparent that Steelo Brim, is spot-on with this self-analysis.

Whether he’s being Steelo, the handsome lover of fashion, Dr.

Trill, his hilarious alter-ego comparable to a more hood version of Dr.

Phil, or just Sterling Brim, a once-upon-a-time baseball superstar from the West side of Chicago, one thing remains constant—his realness.

on MTV married his fiancée Bryiana Noelle Flores Saturday evening.