The program pairs high school juniors with eighth grade students to help “at risk” students maximize their potential.

This program, based on “The Validating Mentor” and “The Validating Mentor Workbook” by Westfield resident Gail Cassidy, is a public/private partnership between The Roselle Public Schools and United Way.

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The charges should be exactly the same as if they had succeeded. Give him more practice and, like most people, his aim has improved. If you’re a failure, don’t worry, you’ll get another chance, just hang in there.

These two women could still be alive if he had been in jail from the first attempt. That’s a good message for everyday failures and shortcomings, but not in cases of violent behavior.

Two young women were shot and killed and 2 others were injured at a post-wedding party. He says disrespectful words often trigger gang violence.

Perea said guns were fired because someone from a rival gang shouted an insulting, disrespectful expletive.

Maybe the shooter isn’t a good enough marksman or someone else interrupts them in the act. I don’t know the details of that story – if he’s been tried, served his time, or what.

I don’t think a criminal should get credit unless they stopped themselves short of finishing their crime. But for some reason, 9 months later, he’s out again and this time he apparently succeeded in killing someone.This guy, as in most similar cases, seems to accept no personal responsibility.If you’re in a gang and someone says the wrong thing, intentional or not, you get to start shooting.The program in Roselle will be continued in the Fall, and possibly expanded to other school districts in the area.ROSELLE—United Way of Greater Union County’s new peer to peer mentoring partnership at Abraham Clark High School in Roselle has been a great success.United Way of Greater Union County's new peer to peer mentoring partnership at Abraham Clark High School in Roselle has been a great success.