We’ve already mentioned that the Text Block tool causes changes to cells in the Text Transform section.

Well one of those cells specifies the angle at which the text is rotated, relative to the shape: Txt Angle.

Shape Sheet junkies will want to know that changes you make with the Text Block tool are reflected in the Text Transform section of the Shape Sheet.

The easiest make text anti-rotate is to get it to compensate for any rotation of the shape by anti-rotating the text.

The expression is pretty simple: just make the text rotate in the opposite direction as the shape: Section, and checking the Text Tranform box.

The Txt Pin is the position at which the text block is located, relative to the shape.

The Txt Loc Pin is where that pin is located inside of the text block itself.

If you have text-heavy drawings with lots of text-containing shapes, you might want to set all shapes so that double-clicking enters text edit mode. All you need to do is: So if you’re making automation tools that set this behavior automatically, just set the Event Dbl Click cell!

If you want to display data stored behind your shape in the shape’s text, it’s as easy as inserting a field.This is handy if you are also going to implement anti-rotating text.But if your shapes will always be right-side up, you can do some simplification by playing with the Txt Pin and the Txt Loc Pin.Let Panduit help you bring your Visio design to life with accurate and realistic 2D product representations.Features include a BOM Generator, Cable Fill Calculator, Stencil Navigator, and other vendor's shapes.It can be moved and rotated independently of the shape.