However, starting in the 1960s, it agreed to the use of words then called "well-formed Canadianisms (canadianismes de bon aloi)," that either are regional in nature (such as names of plants and animals), have been used since before the Conquest, or are justified in their origin and are considered to be equivalent or "better" than the standard equivalent.

A very small list of words was published in 1969, mainly containing words that were archaic in France but still common in Quebec.

This sparked a fair amount of debate and is rather on the outer edge of techniques for nonsexist writing in Quebec French.

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Formal Quebec French also has a very different approach to gender-neutral language than Metropolitan French.

There is a much greater tendency to generalize feminine markers among nouns referring to professions.

In France, the term "bitte" refers to a man's phallus.

"Bitte" is not used in Quebec, though French terms such as this are recognized more and more.In France they often have a very different meaning; for example 'le smoking' for 'tuxedo'.Borrowing from English is politically sensitive in Quebec and tends to be socially discouraged.As with any two regional variants, there is an abundance of slang terms found in Quebec that are not found in France.Quebec French profanity uses references to Catholic liturgical terminology, rather than the references to prostitution that are more common in France.Many differences that exist between Quebec French and European French arise from the preservation of certain forms that are today archaic in Europe.