It completely changes the look and feel of the WDTV Live and the developer is now working on adding more features to it. Im using the custom firmware too and wondered if you may be able to answer a question for me.

Im using Movie Sheets too, but cant seem to get the search working for my NAS drive.

WDLX Monitoring App – Gives you graphs of the device's CPU, RAM, attached hard drive usage, etc. Asterisk – Set up a phone system on your media player :)bwm-ng – Linux app WDTV DLNA – Turns your WDTV Live in to a DNLA server – stream media from the attached drives to any DLNA clients in the house.iftop – Linux appbmon – Linux app Custom OSDs Movie Sheets There are quite a few others but I don't have the time go in to them at the moment.

So in short, Movie Sheets is supported on 1.02.21- but not support on 1.03.49 - Check out the FAQ for information on versions –

f=2&t=2803#p21536 By the way, just an FYI, the devs prefer to call it WDLX firmware as opposed to B-Rad's firmware as B-Rad is no longer the only person who maintains the firmware :) Has any one tried the 'thumbgen' movie scraping program?

Here are a couple of links that may come in handy for newcomers. f=2&t=2803#p21536 Flash Change Log: Ext3 Change Log: Upgrade Procedure: Especially with all the time I have put into creating my moviesheets!!

But the lack of DVD navigation and being unable to play mp4's due to the audio syn issue just makes it unusable for me.

If you dont have mp4 or iso files then i would definately recommend the custom firmware.

You can use the Moviesheets add-in, which makes things a whole lot easier.Note: I have all my apps active at the same time and it appears that the box doesn't even break a sweat.Very impressive :) By the way, for those who like Eye Candy, you can't go past Movie Sheets .Head over to the forums mentioned earlier in the thread, theres heaps of useful info there......I use this program all the time and I absolutely love it.The install of the custom firmware is fairly straight forward, the thing that I found more difficult was the setup on Thumbgen with the style of moviesheets that I wanted.