Sometimes I feel successful when a girl just says I'm cute.

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Forget the copycats and learn from the original – RJ!

Unless you live in the area, Chelsea can be a tough place to navigate in terms of restaurants.

I rack myself with too much guilt and I don't want anyone to be a part of me that isn't attractive in my eyes.

I could never be a womanizer that goes for quantity over quality.

I only approach girls that I know I could stand spending a lot of time with and that would make my family smile if I brought her home.

One friend of mine who (I'll always admit when a guy is good looking) is universally unattractive has had sex with over 50 women.

Sometimes I spend the whole night talking to a girl knowing she has a boyfriend. What types of "closing styles/strategies" have guys used on you?

I know it's tough to advise me when I have no goal-let's say: I'd like to go home and makeout with girls I'm talking to, I don't need sex.

Closing is the fine art of finishing what you've started.