If you’re not going to be driving much on your trip, consider a ride-sharing app like Uber.

That way, you don’t have to deal with a rental car company at all. If you’re traveling overseas, you can probably expect some additional fees depending on where you bank.

Some banks will charge a small fee for each transaction or an exchange surcharge for withdrawing money from an ATM.

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Translation: If a webstore only accepts creditcards you can go around this by having currency on your paypal account.

You can add currency to your paypal account from your Bankaccount.::::: What I did, was let my paypal account debit from my bank account.

The currency isn't even on my account yet and I was able to link and paypal.

I hope this info helps you people out, pass this around. IF you dont live in Germany and dont own a Credit-Card, you can add your earnings to your Account where they are stuck, and even can expire.

" Because here on Earth, unless you’ve time-traveled back to the 1990s, debit cards work just as easily as credit cards.

But there’s still a myth floating around that debit cards won’t work when it comes to traveling.

Considering I'm from Austria, there shouldn't really be that much of a difference in payment options.. But for some stupid reason I'm required to add a credit card to my Paypal. theres a limit of 250€You cant use the money to buy anything other than Items in the AH, since the other options are disabled at the moment.

There are 2 ways to combine your Account to your Paypal Account.1. Nice joke if you ask me : Dtd:dr -YOU DON'T NEED A CREDIT CARD TO ADD PAYPAL, do following in order to link paypal and

For years, we’ve been hearing the same thing over and over: "I can’t travel without a credit card!