Online Dating in Kiev today is very common, foreigners can find friends on the Internet.

Probably we can say the same about any capital of any country of the world.

It always seems that it's better to live in the capital, to work and to have rest in the capital, and on the whole all the best things are concentrated here.

As you might know, all that is in excess, quickly gets boring, becomes uninteresting and tiresome.

All those bars, restaurants can hardly impress anyone.

Today he will do the propose for the marriage to her. In this photo you can see the invitation for me to the Wedding , which was one year ago in Paris. They are very happy and one year is gone like one day. Tania and Jacky gave the permition to publish their photos in our site. The painter made very realistic card for invitation to wedding.

We want to wish to Tania and Jacky many happy years to be togather and to be always happy.

Lack of attention from the opposite sex, lack of ordinary human warmth and communication, which is so acute in the great metropolis.

Many bars, restaurants and nightclubs, of course, contribute to dating in Kiev, but often it turns into one night stand.

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