They are, effectively, little websites running inside a mobile browser. The same is true for a Kik-only game called “Costume Party,” which passed the 1 million user milestone within 22 hours of its launch.I introduced my girlfriend to the game, and now she gets furious when I don’t play my turn within 12 hours. Beyond games, though, Kik is also showing up with some serious numbers.

The former passed 300 million the other day; the latter has 110 million.

Seldom mentioned among this clutch of frontrunners, however, is the app that I think could be the dark horse of the Internet – a potential bolter that has built a deep and defensible moat around its product, and one that has zagged when all others have zigged. If you believe in the messaging revolution and that messaging is the killer app for mobile, then Kik has to be on your radar.

Remember, this is back when people bought Black Berrys.

Part of Kik’s appeal was that it was compatible with Black Berry, i Phone, and Android.

According to Distimo, over the last month Kik was downloaded more times in the US than Whats App (but fewer times than the just-launched Black Berry messaging app, and fewer times than Snapchat).

Kik's App Store rankings over the past year, via App Annie.

Facebook and Google were both said to be trying to buy Whats App. China’s We Chat is becoming a threat to the country’s equivailent of Pay Pal.

Snapchat turned down a billion acquisition offer from Facebook.

Its App Store ranking over the past year has been consistently high over the last year, according to App Annie.