It signifies that they had been in a relationship back then.Also, it might be that they are seeing each other now. You can understand more if you see this video: Going through his dating life, we found that he was in relation for quite some time.She even lived with Logan for a while and could have married him had she not decided to go off on the campaign trail to report on Obama.

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The two were seen smooching on a June 14 flight from NYC to L. (Since they both had middle seats one row apart in coach, he turned around to kiss her in front of all the passengers!

) "They have been dating for a few months," a source close to Kartheiser, 33, tells Us Weekly, adding that the actor saw Bledel's Off-Broadway show in NYC in late March. PHOTOS: Will these star couples last throughout 2012?

Alexis Bledel describing Jess as a "shock to the system" is the nicest way of putting it.

Jess was widely seen around Stars Hollow as bad news of the first order, and that included the thoughts of Rory's best friend/mom, Lorelai.

He disclosed his status being single and not seeing anyone. But his popularity exceeds more than feminine charm; we are sure he is seeing someone now.

But then again, he is secretive in nature and his personal information has never leaked.

But, most of us do not know who he is dating currently. Let’s us find out about Matt Czuchry dating life along with history with Alexis Bledel.

Being a diva certainly means to have greater significance in normal life, but he is secretive and has not disclosed about his dating life more fluently. In 2011, Matt confirmed his status being single with Vulture.

What he said in the interview, was: Well, we didn’t figure a thing about what he was trying to say then.