How have mass media and the internet fostered and represented the globalization of dance?

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Within dance, how is globalization reconciled with the articulation of local, regional or national identities?

How have globalization affected the creativity and production processes of dancers and choreographers?

So, we can make the following observations: because there is a sexual and social division of labour, the consequences of neoliberal globalization on men and women are not the same; simultaneously, neoliberal globalization cannot take the blame for all cases of heightened oppression of women in the contemporary world.

Some of these have much more complex and often far older causes.

In particular, it extends beyond class conflicts, but it also cuts through all collective social realities - ethnic, national, religious, local.

Moreover, it is closely tied up with the private sphere, individual and daily life, making awareness of its existence and the emergence of a collective emancipatory project particularly difficult.

What are the ethical connotations of global practices that enable the appropriation and exploitation of dance heritages, but also their fruitful dissemination and hybridization?

How does the global circulation of dances reproduce or challenge international power relationships?

Globalization has also accelerated the creation of hybrid dance forms that fuse elements from various cultures, as illustrated by Bollywood choreographers who interweave Indian dancing and MTV aesthetics.

Each essay in this site offers an overview of a specific dance form from the perspective of globalization.

This is truer still if we take into account the sexual and social division of labour on which gender oppression is based.