Bookmarks A Historical Summary of San Francisco by Dave Lomas | Personal Renewal by Jon Tyson | Becoming a Primal Church in the City by Jon Tyson | 1 Corinthians -16 | Taught on | Poetry is one of the only sincere ways to express the glorious identity of Christ.

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Topics discussed include general dating & singleness, relationships, purity, love, and marriage.

Bookmarks: – – Introduction – – John Mark Comer’s Teaching – – Introductions to Panel of Four – – Q&A with Panel answering questions from our church Song of Songs | Taught on | Ruthie Kim speaks on the importance of pausing in the midst of life to remember God’s faithfulness and promises in Joshua 3:5-16.

How often do you worship God simply because he is God?

Pastor Dave Lomas speaks on the purest form of worship in John 12.

Exodus | Taught on | Some say that the sin of Sodom was sexual sin and others say that it was a sin of hospitality, but why did God judge Sodom so harshly?

Pastor Dave speaks on the sin of Sodom in Genesis -.Colossians -20 | Taught on | Francis Chan & Dave Lomas end the first Reality SF Serve the City event in the Tenderloin district of SF speaking on the church’s need for the Holy Spirit to accomplish the work God has called us to. Al Abdulla speaks on finding this courage in times of uncertainty in John 20: 19-34.John -34 | Taught on | We often find ourselves where Thomas is with all hope lost and life completely uncertain. John -34 | Taught on | What is the point to all of the struggle and toil in this life?Pastor Dave speaks about marriage through the lens of being created in the image of God in Genesis -27 and -25.Genesis -27 & -25 | Taught on | How does God work into you and work out of you your new identity? We are not passive in this endeavor but how do we work out what God works in?Revelation 3:1-3 | Taught on | Here we are in the New Year. Luke -40 | Taught on | God has revealed Himself to humanity through the history of this world.