And when you’re so busy worrying about how the light is hitting you while you're doing it doggy-style, or how many chins you have from his or her angle, it’s hard to enjoy yourself. Some partners understood and tried to work with me on it, but others were not as kind.In my darker times, I’ve often wondered, mid-romp, why my partner — or anyone — would want to sleep with me. As for the gender piece, my battle in that arena has always been more private. I’ve only ever told one partner, my fiancé, about my struggles with my gender identity.And in order to do that, I needed to first accept myself to the best of my ability.

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When you (and your partner) grow up seeing heteronormative, white bread portrayals of sex, it’s really hard to avoid gender norms in the bedroom.

The task of breaking down barriers that have existed since the beginning of humanity is no easy one, and it takes two very dedicated and creative partners to find healthy ways to express gender nonconformity between the sheets. The key to overcoming both of these obstacles has been finding a partner who loves me for who I am.

” The replies to both of those things being: “Yes, but I’m also fat,” and, “I do, kind of.” The crazy thing is, there’s a whole other layer of complicated under that, and most people don’t know about it.

Not only am I a size 22, generally average-looking person, but I also struggle with gender conformity issues. Sex when you’re a big girlcan be tricky, not so much because of physical limitations but emotional ones.

I’ve been emotionally manipulated, had my money stolen, been cheated on, and been in my fair share of knockout, drag-out fights.

It took way too many of these relationships to realize that I was partially responsible for my bad relationship luck, and it took having my heart shattered to give me the impetus to take steps to remedy it.Sometimes, people who don’t know me well are really surprised to hear that I’ve had a healthy, active sex life.They don’t always say something about it, but I can always tell.At the time, I responded, "I have no idea."But the truth is I do have an idea. The kind of fat that prompts children ages six to 35 to roll down their windows and let me know about it while I walk down the sidewalk.In fact, I have a little more than an idea — I know. I’m the kind of fat that makes people wonder who could possibly want to sleep with me. But it’s not easy to say it out loud, especially when I can anticipate being bombarded with comments like, “Stop, you’re beautiful,” or, “Who cares what they think?I wish I could say that’s where my story ends, and that I flew off into the sunset on a vibrating orgasm-icorn (I’m thinking a unicorn with a vibrating saddle, but other interpretations are welcome).