Mem Lopes, Captain and Lord of the nau spent all time dedicated to the fight, so blackened by gunpowder and his own blood was he that he was unrecognizable if not for his weapons and armour; and as he fought throughout all the ship, where our own fought bravely, he was shot in the leg, and immediately he was thought to have been killed: in the forecastle, where his son Martim Lopes Carrasco had done wonders in it's defence, he was informed by a soldier that his father was dead, to which he replied: "If it's true, then one man alone is dead, and many more remain to defend the ship".

As the wound was not lethal, and Mem Lopes managed to walk, he proceeded with his doing with much valor, followed always by Father Francisco Cabral of the Company who brought great cheer and prudence to all...

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It ended in Portuguese victory and the withdrawal of the Aceh fleet after suffering heavy losses.

In the beginning of May, 1569, departed from Goa a privately owned carrack, escorted by a heavily armed galleon, bound to south-east Asia.

Royal Navy shore bases and naval air stations have traditionally been named in the same manner as seagoing ships.

Officers were appointed to HMS xxx rather than to RNAS xxx and, similarly, ratings' Service Certificates will show only the name of the ship when drafted to a Naval Air Station.

Aceh was a stauch enemy of the Portuguese, and frequently harassed the shipping of Malacca and was at that time oufitting an armada with which to attack the city.

It was composed of 20 galleys, 20 war junks and over 200 craft of smaller dimension.

The captain and owner of the carrack was wealthy man called Mem Lopes Carrasco, while the captain of the galleon was João Gago de Andrade, tasked with resupplying and reinforcing the Portuguese garrison in the fortress of Ternate in the Moluccas.

Carrasco inteded to sail his ship to the Sunda Strait, possibly to buy high-quality pepper, sandalwood among other highly valuable products made in the region.

The battle lasted all day, till the armada retreated by nightfall and dropped anchor in sight of the carrack.